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Our Story


Elevated Catering is a full-service, high-end catering company. We pride ourselves on creating a complete experience, with cuisine crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, special attention to every detail, dietary needs and utilizing eco-friendly practices. Our team is a passionate group of dedicated professionals constantly focused on new ways to elevate our event.  After spending a great deal of time in the industry, Stephen Tanner grew tired of the way that catering can often feel like a machine meant to turn out food and set tables as quickly and economically as possible.  With the goal of creating a mouth-watering sensory experience unlike ‘everyone else’ in town, he has built a catering company that is totally client-driven and not restricted by boundaries.


Elevated Catering excels at logistics. If that means we need to bring power and water to a remote site, we will.  If you would like your grandmother’s recipe for brisket at your wedding, we will make it. We gladly embrace all challenges with the constant motivation and drive to do our absolute best.  Nothing stands in the way of creating perfection and peace of mind for our clients. We will elevate your next occasion with unparalleled cuisine, impeccable service and beautiful, artful presentation.

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