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Georgia Peach Wedding Reception

Butler Served Hors d’Oeuvres
presented to your guests on artfully garnished platters

Mushroom & Walnut Tartine  
a foragers dream of walnuts and roasted mushroom medley, goat cheese mousse

Gluten Free BLT aka Man Candy
slow braised tender pork Belly, bright Lettuce coulis, oven-roasted cherry Tomato
Rocky Mountain Trout Canapé
potato crisp, smoked trout, wildflower honey, pickled shallot & dill gremolata

Plated Salad
a full-plate salad provides a healthy start to the meal
Rustic Loaves
assorted artisan loaves served warm with herb whipped butter
Apricot Salad
tender greens, butter lettuce, shaved gouda cheese, roasted almonds, green apple vinaigrette

Buffet Dinner
buffet dinner is served by catering staff
Hunter’s Beef
herb marinated grilled tender beef with rich mushroom sauce chasseur
Citrus Steelhead Trout
pan seared steelhead filet, smoked paprika, sumac, roasted garlic, lemon zest,

orange burre blanc
Sunset Potatoes
roasted tricolor potatoes with earthy Utah red salt and floral pink peppercorns
Roasted Broccoli Rabe
crisp broccoli rabe, fresh herbs, roasted garlic, olive oil and sea salt


Dessert Table
a ceremonial cutting cake flanked by cupcakes
Red Velvet Cake
a small cutting cake for the bride and groom
Assorted Cupcakes
a variety including lemon cream, Palisade peach, carrot cake and red velvet

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